The greatest library the world has ever known was lost aeons ago, and with that one loss staggering loss a golden age ended; but there had always been hope of finding it again, legend told of a map, contained within a magical crystal of immense power, which would guide the way for those who held it, and finally, just 100 years ago, they found it!

But as with all promises of power, men fought over it. First in shadowy political games of assassination and bribes but eventually these struggles ended in all out private war, and in this conflict, the crystal was shattered, with each piece scattered to the winds by treasure seekers, thieves, historians and all other type of folk.

These shards, each holding a fragment of the original shards magic, now guide those who hold them to the secrets of the ancient library, clues to its location, and unimaginable danger; and you stranger have just, picked. one. up.

The Lost Library